7 TOP places for paddleboarding in Slovenia

Mighty mountains, scenic alpine lakes, wild emerald rivers, picturesque coastal towns, and much more… Slovenia is a popular place for adrenaline as well as easy outdoor activities. However, it’s still relatively unknown as a SUP destination. So we decided to make a list of our 7 TOP places for paddleboarding, which you shouldn’t miss when visiting colorful Slovenia.

1. Most na Soči

Most na Soči is a small village located just on the southern border of Triglav National Park. This lower part of the famous Soča river is very calm and unbelievably beautiful. The river is lined with limestone walls creating natural canyons with a unique atmosphere. Especially in the springtime, the color of the river is bright emerald.

You can leave your car in the Most na Soči main parking and paddle down the Soča River, or turn left after Most na Soči Lake (behind the bridge) to Idrijca River. That’s where the majority of canyons are. If you paddle through three canyons of Idrijca, you will find a natural pebble beach to relax. Summer vibe guaranteed.? There are also several options for cliff jumping from different heights. And as the river current is very mild, you can comfortably paddle the same way back.

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss this special experience, you can join a guided trip which includes rental of all the equipment and shuttle from Bovec or another close place of your choice.

Learn more about the guided SUP trip to Most na Soči >>

TOP place for paddleboarding in Slovenia
Especially in springtime, the river color is breathtaking emerald.

2. Whitewater SUP on the Soča River

For the adrenaline seekers, there is no better place than the upper part of the Soča river. If you are already comfortable on SUP, don’t miss a chance to explore the waves of this emerald beauty. The river has sections of different levels for all adrenaline-demanding paddleboarders. However, we really don’t recommend going on this adventure on your own without a guide.

The river has many turns, some bigger waves, and shallow parts, so it’s necessary for your safety to know its surface and have basic knowledge about hydrology.

You can join a whitewater SUP course on Soča with an ISA-certified guide. He will teach you all the basic techniques of whitewater paddling and safety and lead you through the waves of the emerald river.

Learn more about single-day or multiple-day whitewater SUP courses on Soča.

Whitewater SUP Tour, Soca river, Slovenia
If you have any previous experience with SUP, whitewater paddleboarding on Soča is the right choice.

3. Lake Bled

Without any doubt, the most known location in Slovenia is Lake Bled. The picturesque view of a small island with a church on the lake has appeared in many travel magazines. And it’s a great place to explore on SUP as well! Lake Bled is located on the eastern part of the Triglav National Park which gives it a mesmerizing mountain scenery.

You can easily paddle to the island and explore it on your own. Or you can join a guided SUP trip including the equipment rental, and learn about interesting legends connected to the mystery island. Around the lake, you can take a walk on the promenade lined with different types of restaurants. Just be ready for some tourist rush if you visit this place during the summer season.

Lake Bled Slovenia
SUP is a great way to explore the mysterious island of Lake Bled.

4. Bohinj lake

Only 26 km southwest of Bled, you will find the blue-green waters of Lake Bohinj. With its 318 hectares surface, it is the largest lake in Slovenia. Compared to Lake Bled it is less known and therefore less crowded. It is not a surprise that people seeking peaceful nature prefer it.

The lake is surrounded by beautiful natural beaches with a view of the Julian Alps. A perfect place for a whole-day chill program. If you paddle about three kilometers across the lake, you can see the mouth of the Savica River, which feeds the lake with water. When coming to Bohinj from the southern or western sight of Slovenia, we recommend using a car shuttle train from Most na Soči. You can take a break from driving and just enjoy spectacular views of the pristine alpine nature.

Bovec SUP Paddleboarding whitewater sup Stand Up Paddling tour
Further from the crowds, surrounded by mesmerizing mountains, you will find Lake Bohinj.

5. Piran and Moon Bay

Piran is often called the most beautiful town in Slovenia. It enchants with its ancient port, narrow streets, and a beautiful promenade along the coast. After exploring this Mediterranean town on land you can comfortably paddle around on the SUP and enjoy it from a different perspective! We recommend connecting this trip with visiting a charming natural beach in Moon Bay.

This journey is about 6 km long (one way), so make yourself ready for some paddling. But we bet that you won’t regret it! Moon Bay is a hidden beach below the cliff and it’s not that easy to reach on foot. Therefore paddleboarding is a great way to get there and enjoy a calm place away from the crowds. This beach is truly natural, so make sure that you bring some refreshments. There is no store or restaurant.

If you don’t feel like going on such a long SUP trip but still want to explore Moon Bay, you can also leave your car in the main parking of the Strunjan beach and take just a shorter paddling route (about 1 km).

Paddleboarding in Slovenia - Piran
Close to picturesque Piranj, you can visit a hidden natural beach Moon Bay.

6. Urban SUP in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is currently the only European capital where you can paddle on SUP through the very heart of its historical town. Pretty exciting right?

We love to get a different perspective from the river. The journey offers unique views of the castle, iconic city sights, and the hustle and bustle of the streets. To enjoy your trip the most and not get lost in the historical streets, you can join an organized guided tour which includes the rental of all the equipment.

Bovec SUP Paddleboarding whitewater sup Stand Up Paddling tour
Ljubljana is the only European capital, where you can paddle on SUP through its historical town.

7. Lago del Predil

The name gives a clue that this lake is not located in Slovenia, but in Italy. However, it has a place on our list because it lies only 10 10-minute drive from the Slovenian border. And if you are already in Triglav National Park you definitely shouldn’t miss exploring this water treasure!

You will be absolutely blown away by the beauty of this alpine lake. It has crystal-clear water, wonderful natural beaches, and breathtaking mountain views. Our secret tip is a hidden 40 meters high waterfall located just a few minutes by walk. We highly recommend visiting the lake in the early morning, when the water is absolutely calm and the whole lake looks just like a natural mirror.

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss the waterfall, you can join a guided SUP trip including equipment rental and a shuttle from Bovec or another close location of your choice.

Learn more about the Lake Predil guided SUP trip. >>

Paddleboarding trip to Lago del Predil
Just a 10-minute drive from the Slovenian border, you will find the alpine water treasure Lago del Predil.

So when are you coming to see all of these wonderful places?:-) If you have visited a SUP location that would deserve to be on our list, just leave us a comment below. We are happy to extend it.

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